Various Link Removal Services and Unnatural Backlinks Deletion Procedures

Its was already started (In March) before penguin introduction when webmasters started receiving “Unnatural Link Warning Messages” and Google have clearly stated that back link profiles needs to be cleaned for low quality links or paid links.

On 24th April, Google Webmaster Blog officially announced Google Penguin Algorithm (

As we know that penguin targets those websites having overly-aggressive anchor text, both externally and internally, especially over-optimized anchors on low quality sites resulted in a significant drop in rankings when you observe traffic drop in webmaster tools. It’s also assumed that traffic drop is due to because Google has discounted the value of those bad links and hence no credit being given to the site.

Google put the ball in webmasters court by mentioning to remove the low quality links and file the reconsider request. Google also clarified that reconsider request should reflect that you made considerable effort to remove these bad links and should document the sheet with all the details. It was up to site owners if they remove the links them self or hire someone to do the same for them, So It was the invention for various Backlink Removal Service in the market.

These backlink removal services clean your link profile from unwanted backlinks penalized due to unnatural link building, they help by deleting backlinks and removing bad backlinks.

There is no faster, easier way to clean up your link profile if you got the message, as all work involved is manual request to purge low quality back links till Google will introduce most awaited link disavow tool in coming months.

On various webmaster communities, webmaster mentioned the same procedure for link removal which is manual and most effective:

  • Finding the contact details of websites (Website or from Whois)
  • Creating different Email formats to personalize the emails
  • Using Contact forms
  • Sending at least three email ( one every week)
  • Having the final status in the report for reconsider request

The webmaster pointed out few services, like SEOmoz is also working on a way to detect spam links as well.

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