How to Make High Quality Google Plus Profile


Google plus also known as G+ is a social networking site. Here you can share your views, pics & videos etc to your friends & relatives. Making profile on Google plus site is not a daunting task, but if you are a businessman & you want to use this for business purpose then you really need to make a high quality profile.

Here I am sharing some important points which you need to take care while creating high quality profile in Google plus.

Make ID in Google plus site: Your first step to make a quality profile is that you have to make id in Google plus site & for this visits here

Verify your e-mail address: Now your next step is to verify your e-mail address in Google plus because if you don’t verify your email address then may be you are not able to access certain Google products or features.

Upload Image: Profile image is the first step to create Google plus profile. So upload your clear photo. Always try to use same image in your profile that you have shared in other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, it makes people easy to recognize you.

Cover Photo: Cover photo is also very important part of high quality profile because this is the first thing where your eyes go when someone lands in your Google plus profile. It should be something important that catches the eye at a glance.

Now fill Story part of about us page

Tagline: Tag line should be anything that convey your most important attribute. It is just a slogan.

Introduction: In this part you should have to give brief introduction about yourself so that people can easily understand what type of person you are.

Bragging rights: Bragging write is all about your accomplishments so don’t miss this.

Education: In this part you have to express your education. What degree or qualification you have and where you have done your schooling or college.

Basic Information: The most important part of your profile is basic information. This part is all about your personal information like D.O.B. gender, relationship, nick names etc. Here you can also mention why you have made profile like for networking, friends etc.

Links: In this section you can give the links of your other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Contributor to: Here you can give the links of your blogs or website where you post your contents. This part is really helpful in making your author reputation.

Work: In this section you have to give the details of what type of work you do like the name of the organization in which you work, your position in that organization & your skills.

Places: Here you have to fill the information from which place you belong & current place where you live.

Contact information: This is the important part of your Google plus profile, here you have to fill your home& work address detail so that in case if your Google plus friend visit you place they can get a chance to meet you.

If you have filled all information in about us page it doesn’t mean your profile is high quality. I want to clear one thing that high quality profiles require your patience and time. You have to work to develop you profile.

Points need to keep in mind while developing high quality Google + profile

  • Increase your circle by adding people to your circle.
  • Share valuable posts.
  • Don’t make too much followers in short time period.
  • Give plus one to the post if you find something interesting & important in that post.
  • You can also share your own contents.
  • Don’t share only yours sites or contents.
  • Share videos & images.
  • Do reviews if you like any service or product.
  • Always use hash tags in your post like @, # etc.
  • Join communities.
  • Use hangouts for video chats.
  • Maintain the frequency to share post on Google plus.
  • Never share abusive contents.
  • Do comments if you like post that is shared by other Google plus user. It will increase your search visibility.
  • Create & join events.
  • Reply if you got any comment regarding your post.

Google plus is really a great way to expose your business & brand so handle this with care.

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