The Ultimate Social Media Reports Guide In 2019

It is essential to understand that making a social media report is a challenging and long-lasting task that involves numerous aspects that you have to implement inside as well as lots of testing that will help you along the way.

Therefore, it is not so simple to create an appropriate social media report especially because you will be overwhelmed by the idea of where to start.

By understanding the importance of general outlines such as usability and design, as well as fundamental basics that will help you create a report, you will learn more about general concepts that you wish to implement inside the campaign and double check your ideas in overall.

Let us start from the very beginning:

How Should You Create an Efficient Social Media Report?

When it comes to creating a social media report, you have to think about numerous things that will overwhelm you if it is your first time. Therefore, the first question should be how the report should look like, and which KPI’s you should include inside so that you can make it understandable.

Therefore, you will have to write relevant expectations of your report and answer the question such as what do you wish to achieve at all. Let start by saying that you want to measure the performance of your social media channels on a weekly basis.

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The question is how to evaluate which network is the best for your particular needs and which ones are not. For instance, Instagram and Facebook are great performing channels that help you reach a wider audience than before.

However, Twitter performance is not that impressive, which means that this particular observation could be a perfect starting point that will allow you to start your social media report.

How Should You Gather Social Media Data?

If we assume the idea that you wish to compare the performance of different social media channels with each other, the question is how you should access the data that will help you determine this particular goal.

If you wish to make things easier for you, stay with us to learn how to evaluate data by using two essential methods:

  • Manual Labor – This is another candid moment, but it is time-consuming and tricky because it requires manually gathering your data from default analytics dashboards of all social media channels and platforms you are using. Therefore, you should implement performance data one by one in Excel sheet, but have in mind that you will not be able to access all data that would prove relevant to your capabilities and possibilities.
  • Social Media Analytics – This particular tool will give you the possibility to enjoy in data from all social media channels into the dashboard so that you can have an appropriate perspective without manual labor. Apart from benefits that will help you gather the data and automatically place inside the sheet, it is also great because you will be able to see everything at one place as well as data of your competitors so that you can determine the differences. Check this link: so that you can learn how to manage social media campaign.

It does not matter which type of data gathering method you decide to choose, because that is just a first step that will help, you have everything in front of you. The next step is the analysis.

Things to Know About Data Analysis

As you can see, everything you have done so brought you to this particular point. Now, you should pay attention to the content and data you created.

The idea is to focus on social media KPIs that you should include, and in this particular case, you should check performance for various social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you wish to understand the performance, you have to understand detailed questions and ask yourself did your audience grew in the past few months and whether there were interactions with the posts.

We notify you to remember that you should always analyze and keep a close eye on social media strategy that your competitors are implementing because that could help you gain inspiration for other metrics that will help you compile a report.

It is also useful to include metrics that will go beyond a complete number of fans and think about interactions on different channels as well. However, you should understand that the number of parameters you use so that you can keep up with social media report should be as concise as possible.

It is vital to make an accurate KPI reports that will be suitable for people that do not understand marketing terms, for instance, your clients. Check here if you wish to see more on how to measure social media ROI.

However, you should never forget that you should evaluate your follower database based on the specific time range because that will create a common report that will provide all insights to your client.

If you are successful, you will be able to make improvements. Therefore you should question your strategy and approach and think what you should change about your social media strategy based on insights that you read so that you can improve your social media presence.

Have in mind that reports should help you indicate how to grow your business and which campaign will be more effective than the one you made before. You should also focus on the arrangement of user metrics, and establish logic that will present the importance of each step.

By using this, you will be able to mislead anyone who is new to the analytics and provide your client with an immediate overview of all data and effects you made throughout some specific time.

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Therefore, you should make your report concise and straightforward to understand, because that way you and your clients will be able to understand the data with ease. That will give your report much more professional look than without it, and in overall you will be able to make a better impression.

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