Press Release as essential part in SEO strategy and its benefits

A press release optimization is important for any product, artist, art, game or whatever it is that is in need to be known to the public. It may come in the form of recorded videos, recorded statements or written communications which is intended to claim that the product or the subject it is carrying has an essential or important value for the people who will see or hear such press releases. Most likely they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors at television studios or networks, magazines, newspapers or radio stations or networks. Commercial press release distributors may also be used for your press release.

A press release is created and distributed to attract a favorable public attention to public relation officer’s clients and/or provide enough publicity for the client’s products, services or events being marketed by such clients. A press release will provide reporters with the much needed information about a client’s product or services to create news stories which they will then deliver to television networks or the internet for distribution.

A SEO press release if done right can provide you benefits such as backlinks from credible news sites which will increase your site or blog’s ranking for your keywords. Your SEO will be more visible by search engines. Your site will be one of the ranked sites on Google News and Yahoo news based on your keywords which is very advantageous. And about tens of thousands of headline impressions across hundreds of blogs, websites and new sites which run RSS headlines and potential media coverage. With press releases your website can escape easily from the Google sandbox much faster than the other website offering the same products or content.

A SEO press release is very essential to your SEO strategy because it can jumpstart your website to the foremost location of the Google search engine first page, which is what every website owner wants.

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