Forrester Research Publishes 1st Report On Enterprise SEO Automation Tools

Today, Forrester Research unveiled a 6- page report on the utility of SEO automation tools for use in larger enterprises. Six vendors were covered in the landscape report, including Altruik, BrightEdge, Conductor, Covario, SEOmoz PRO, and Yield Software.

The report mainly covers key issues in scaling automation across larger enterprises, integration of IT services and in-house marketing, and improving measurement of SEO impact beyond just search result rankings. There’s a features comparison chart which includes technology integrations available with each tool, including web analytics packages and lead tracking through Salesforce.

Key Report Findings

85% of enterprise marketers plan on employing organic SEO strategies in the coming year.
Automation tools work best for those with dedicated in-house resources, able to make strategic decisions using the data.

Using standalone technology (opposed to agency tools) offers cost efficiencies to some organizations.
Agency and Consultant partnerships with automation technology vendors may grow to offload tactical work.


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