Google PageRank valuation in terms of links

Well, we can’t say what a PR1 link or a PR2 link is worth in absolute terms, since the equation measures the “average” value of links on the web

PR1 = 11 Average Links
PR2 = 58 Average Links
PR3 = 296 Average Links
PR4 = 1,520 Average Links
PR5 = 7,816 Average Links
PR6 = 40,185 Average Links
PR7 = 206,611 Average Links
PR8 = 1,062,280 Average Links
PR9 = 5,461,663 Average Links
PR10 = 28,080,881 Average Links

PR2 = 5 PR1 Links

Google is also suitably vague about this (and, remember, they don’t reveal it either: they only reveal the Toolbar PageRank), but, in essence, it is a logarithmic scale (like the Richter scale for measuring earthquakes) with a base of about 16.

So, that means that a PageRank of 2 is 16 times bigger than a PageRank of 1; a PageRank of 3 is 16 times better than a PageRank of 2, and so on. Just to give you an idea of some scales here:

PageRank 4 is 4,096 times better than PageRank 1
PageRank 5 is 65,536 times better than PageRank 1
PageRank 5.1 86,475 times better than PageRank 1
PageRank 7 is 4,294,967,296 (over 4 billion) times better than PageRank 1

So, hidden within that deceptively simple scale from zero to 10 is actually a massive range of importance. And this brings us nicely onto Toolbar PageRank.

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