Baby Steps to Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly

This is the age of websites & I think we all are much familiar with the term website. Website is important in modern digital world. It will increase your large number of potential clients and enhance your target audience. A great deal of websites are growing so fast so it becomes difficult for a newly developed website to become a part of website traffic.

I am sharing some tips regarding how to make your website search engine friendly.

Make your website looking good in search engine result

  • Choose SEO friendly ¬†domain¬† name for your website

The first step in making a powerful online brand is picking a good domain as the base of your online brand. It is the most important thing in which you need to pay attention.

Example of Good Domain Name

Some tips to choose good domain name

(a) Memorable: Domain name should be simple & easy to remember if you hope of building a brand.

(b) Unique:Domain name is your unique identity on online world so it should be unique.

For example:

(c) Relevant: It should be clearly relevant to a specific industry.

For example:

(d) Free of error:It should be error free because so many users got confused by non-standard domain.

(e) Short:Most common online brands are 1-2 words or less. SEOmoz advised to have a domain of 15 characters or less.

  • Choose Good page title

How you are creating your web page titles, it can make all the difference to your sites success in the eyes of Google. The first word in the title always carries more weight than the last word. Describe your business in a brief & informative title.

  • Meta Description

Meta descriptions are the brief summaries of your WebPages that is used by search engines in their search results. If your Meta descriptions are good, then user should click on them

Use images that is easy to understand by search engine

Image talk louder than words this is true. So I am sharing some tips to make this better understand by search engine.

  • Always give your images short & descriptive file names.
  • Use two attributes alt and title inside the image tag on your web pages
  • ALT attribute is text value that is shown instead of the picture itself. Precise details in your ALT tags can make your images more discoverable on the web.

    TITLE attribute is little bit different from ALT attribute. It offers advisory details about the element for which it is set.

  • Write a short description on the page blow each image.

Put quality & relevant contents & Keep it update

Quality contents are pretty much self informative. It’s really help us a lot in getting targeted traffic & also help stand in search engine result pages. Quality contents mean your website has its own concern and it is easy for Google crawlers to show most appropriate result when any user type a search query in search engine. Always keep your website fresh by announcing new producing, sales & offers.

If you have updated & quality contents in your site then a visitor to your website should actually want to keep around to your site.

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