A Beginners Guide To SEO & Digital Marketing With UK SEO Agency

Everyone not familiar with the term SEO has come to the right place. This is an article in which we’ll talk a little more about SEO and what you must know if you’re a beginner in the business. Helping us make this article highly professional with SEO Outsourcing agency who are very experienced in this area.

First, let’s see what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way of making articles and web pages become more relevant and rate higher on the search engines. Google as the number one search engine has the most impact on creating a good SEO strategy. Let’s begin and see what you need to know.

Content is king

You will see this in every single guide about digital marketing and SEO. That’s because content really is king. If you have no content, or produce lousy texts, whether it be articles, descriptions, or whatever, your visitors will bounce off like tennis balls. A good SEO might get you visitors, but the content is what will keep them and what will keep your rating too. Here’s a link about how to write good content.


The second important thing is keywords. Search engines pop out results when someone searches a keyword through them. This means you must make a perfect combination of that exact keyword in your article in order to rank higher on the search engine. However, the game with the keywords it’s not as simple as it seems here. Keywords and SEO are science, and this is just basic stuff.


Metadata is what search engines draw from your page as information. It is the most important part for the engine to know what you’re dealing with. For example, if you have a blog about writing but your metadata is connected with something else, the algorithm will soon realize you’re doing something wrong and will ban your page from the results.


One of the most important factors for ranking higher on the search engines are links. When you search for something, Wikipedia is most often your first choice. That’s because it is most relevant and a ton of links redirect to it. Meaning, get more pages to link to you for a certain topic. This makes you relevant and soon you’ll reach a better place when someone search keywords connected to your field of expertise. You’ll want to hire an SEO company for this matter as they have a wide variety of options.


Content is king, but the title is the guard that will let you get to the king. Just think about it, would you click on some title that is confusing, too long, too complicated, or too short? In other words, the title is maybe the most important part about attracting visitors. Still, clickbait tactic is absolutely wrong. First, because you’ll fool your visitor once, maybe twice, but you’ll only fool Google once. When their system understands you’re doing scams, they’ll just take off the list.

User Experience

This is something that wasn’t so important before, but today it’s a part of the most important things pack. User Experience means how the reader feels for clicking your particular link. you might have outstanding content and a lovely website, but if you have cheap servers and it takes forever to load the page, then your visitor will be frustrated. This affects the SEO rank, and don’t worry, Google bots have a way to find out about these things.

Mobile version

Ten years ago there was only one version of each page. The desktop version. Now, a serious website has three. Desktop, tablet, and Smartphone version. This is very important because even though Google still takes seriously only the desktop version of your site, it’s a matter of time when this will change. They actually announced this change, so everyone should be ready.

Speech to text

As an addition to the previous paragraph, speech to text is a clear sign of how search habits are changing. By the next year, estimates say that more than 50% of the searches made on mobile devices will be made by voice recognition. Knowing how different typing and talking is, everyone working with SEO should know that this changes everything, from keywords to titles.

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