Top 5 White Hat And Black Hat SEO Techniques

How many of you is fully aware of the concept of SEO as Search Engine Optimization? Well it is a known fact that each single thing has a bad face and a good face, it do has some benefits and some harms. In the same way in order to describe the overall concept of the SEO this term was divided into the “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO. Now you would be thinking in mind that what white hat and black hat is all about! Through this post we will be examining in complete detail about the top 5 black hat SEO techniques along with the best 5 white hat SEO techniques as well.

Major 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques:

  1. Hidden Content:

At the first on the black hat list we have the name of about hidden content. We all know that hidden content is accessible within variety of the forms. But the best content is the one that is all placed within the code of the webpage and hence it is comprised of the keywords. But this content will never be visible to the end users related with this site. You can even carry out with the process of hidden content through the use of comment tags. This would help out the developers in case to add up with some useful reminders within their code so that other users would understand that what the content is all about.

  1. Meta Keyword Stuffing:

There are basically two main types of the meta tags that are hence used in order to let the search engines learn that what sort of content is put on your page. This is all located just as in between the <head> tag of a page. If this keyword is not used in the same pattern as it is suggested then it would alert the search engine that the page is using with some spam methods to increase the ranking of the webpage. In simple the basic purpose of meta is all about describing the actual content of the page in an honest way.

  1. Meta Keywords:

Meta keywords is all about the list of the short words that is best enough to let other people know that what your page is main focusing at. In the past there are so many webpages who did make the use of the meta keywords in the wrong way therefore now there are few of them which search engine can identify.

  1. Doorway Pages:

Doorway pages are often known by the name of gateway pages. These pages are merely designed for the purpose of search engines and not for the sake of end users. They are somehow taken to be the sort of fake pages that are all stuffed inside with the content. These pages are surrounded with almost 1-2 keywords that are all about the main target point of the page. End users would never be able to view this page just for the reason that they are hence automatically redirected to the target page.

  1. Link Farming:

On the last we will be mentioning about the link farming! Link farms are often identified with the name of Free for All Pages. These pages do not have any kind of purpose besides setting the page with the links of other websites. They would not be giving your site with any kind of traffic and hence in return there are chances that it can bring some damaging risk to your website. So be sure that you never take part in the link farming.

Best and Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques:

  1. Quality Content:

In the list of white hat SEO techniques at the top we will be mentioning about the quality content! No doubt that when we mention the word SEO then content is known out to be its kind. You can build your site to be high in the ranking only if you will be providing it with the unique and real sort of material. This unique and quality content will eventually going to bring upon greater sum of traffic on your webpage. Quality content also means that you content must be 100% plagiarism free. You can check plagiarism for your text by using any of the following tool:

  1. Use Structural Mark Up and Separate Content:

You might not be aware of the fact that semantically structuring your markup will be helpful for the search engine in order to learn that what sort of content your page is all about. This is for sure a good thinking. You should be making the finest best use of the heading elements in brilliant way just for the reason that search engines give more weight. You can even think about using the CSS in order to separate the design elements because this would be let the search engine know what you have been actually looking for.

  1. Titles and Meta Data: Giving your webpage with the access of the proper titles along with meta data holds the great sum of importance. Most of the search engines gave not much importance to them but still they are mentioned to be important and should be used in a proper way. Titles are still considered to be heavy in terms of weight. This would make other users get some idea that what your webpage content is all about. To check the quality of your webpage you can also use seo score checker to evaluate it.
  2. Keyword Research and Best Keyword Use: On the 4th white hat we have the keyword research and best effective use of the keyword. You should be always creating the website through the way of keeping the keywords as well as key phrases in your mind. Research keywords and key phrases are one such ways which are used by the people for searching your site. Never make the use of single words because they are not an easy target. You should try to make the use of multi-word phrases that are much more specific.
  3. Quality Inbound Links: On the last white hat we have the name of quality inbound links! Adding with the inbound links right inside your websites can come across in your benefits but still there are some good links and bad links. Good links are basically defined to be the links from other web pages. On other side bad links are known out to be the links that are not much effective for the page and are sometimes banned from the side of search engines.

So this was the complete discussion behind the top 5 best white hat and black hat SEO techniques! Now its turn to keep all these hats in your mind while creating any webpage. Be alert because it is just because of these hats that your webpage would be rank up high in the search engines.

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